He left his pawprints on my heart
Ch Queenlee the Katastrofee
24.7.1990 - 7.1.2006
Celebrating Duncan's Life
Duncan was soul mate and velcro dog to Josephine,
a delightful, happy, crazy, sweet  6 month going on
16 year old Golden puppy.
Duncan won many awards during his
show career, both All Breeds and
Specialty Shows, including BISS , R/up to
BISS, BIG and many other In Group Awards
Duncan on the day he
gained his Aust. Ch. title
at 21 months and also
went Runner up to Best
Exhibit in Group
was always
a handsome
boy, 11
years old in
Always a puppy at heart, he loved nothing better than to have a toy, a ball, or a pillow , or even
something to tear apart like the envelope you had just brought in from the post box.
love of
his life

Duncan really enjoyed visiting his
friends at Somerton Masonic
Lodge and Resthaven,
Westbourne Park
Aged Care Communities.
Duncan loved puppies and he was known as
Uncle Duncan"
Our most dearly loved Golden boy.
No longer resting on the kitchen floor,
or sleeping in a doorway,
But in our hearts for ever we will
cherish so many special memories
Duncan's gone and you're home alone with sorrow ?
The house & hours seems hollow, empty now.
But his soul alive, survives until the morrow
For canine souls, hold special place in the Tao.

For his life enriched your own not with sorrows
Elderly smile just to remember a pet to his head
And his soul survives yet many more tomorrows
Memory will bring repeated smiles, not dread.

For Duncan is with you still, in memories and glory
For the first story to your lips was a bond
Between Your arms and Pup; now 15 years old & hory.
Duncan himself will relight your memories fond.

First, you held a Duncan small in your arms
And now you hold him, tightly in your heart
First fired, by his antic puppy charms
Warmed now by soul's embers from which HE cannot part.

Duncan has not gone.

With Thanks to Rick & Michelle Stopps, Simaril Goldens, Canada
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